At the Eastern Québec Learning Centre, the staff is pleased to answer your inquiries in either English or French.

Where is Eastern Québec Learning Centre?

The Eastern Québec Learning Centre is in Québec City approximately two minutes to the east of the Québec and Pierre-Laporte Bridge on the corner of chemin Saint-Louis and rue William-Stuart.

Our address
3005, rue William-Stuart, Québec (Québec) G1W 1V4


We are pleased to offer free parking to our students who have their own vehicle.

Public Transport – RTC

The bus 25 passes by the Centre on the Chemin Saint-Louis,and leads to the city center and Place D’Youville. Bus 13 liaises with Laurier Boulevard and Laval University.

Link to bus number 13
Link to bus number 25

Contact us

T 418-654-0537

To contact a particular department, please call Eastern Québec Learning Centre, 418 654-0537, and then choose the appropriate extension. If you cannot reach the person, please leave a message and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Resource person at SARCA2852
Admissions Secretary2801