International students


International students

Eligible programs :

  • - Health, Assistance, and Nursing
  • - Pharmacy Technical Assistant
  • - Secretarial studies
  • - Accounting


Contact : (phone calls will not be returned)

You are considered an international student, and are not eligible for free tuition unless your official status in Canada is one of the following:

  • - Permanent Resident
  • - Canadian Citizen
  • - French Citizen


Guidelines to follow for a request to register:

- Complete the form following this link. Choose the program you want, referring to one of the 4 programs mentioned above:

- Send an email to with the following documents :

Results from one of the following English tests (same level as French) :

Tuition and payment: We will inform you of all tuition fees related to your program once we have evaluated your eligibility with the documents received. At that point, will we let you know how to proceed for payment.