Nursing Assistant Career Vocational Training courses

D.V.S. Health, Assistance and Nursing (english version)

  • 1800 hours
  • Courses taught in English

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  • clinical skills in a laboratory
  • competencies required for your integration into career and working environments
  • competencies required to apply theoretical concepts for providing basic care
  • competencies necessary for the humanization of care
Our strengths
  • realistic simulations to reinforce classroom training
  • quality training given primarily in English; French terminology included
  • personalized approach
  • partnerships with community organizations
  • excellent and dynamic training in some of the best facilities in the region
Admission requirements
  • be at least 16 years of age by September 30 of the current school year
  • candidates with a secondary school diploma (SSD) or a Ministère de l’Éducation recognized equivalent; certain conditions may apply
Employment prospects

Graduates can be employed by C.L.S.C.’s, in short or long term public health care institutions or in the private sector


No tuition fees; low registration fee; additional cost for material; loans and bursaries available

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« Compared to another institution, the big advantage is the individualized learning approach. Over there, the pace was too slow and I was bored. I like to go at my own pace and progress on many projects at a time. Students can help each other too, which is an advantage. »